Sugar Oh Honey Honey
Sugar Oh Honey Honey
antique sugar shaker lid, speaker fabric, curtain ring, sugar

Made for Silver Spoon at groving ( I was invited by Barbara Dougan to make an object in response to the sugar factory in Bury St Edmonds, no bigger than 5cm x 5cm x 5cm. I made this to evoke the perennial comfort of eating sweet things whilst listening to music or the radio. It was then left out on the streets of Bury to meet it's fate.

Lynn Whitehead and Phil Barrett were invited to respond in words

Sugar Rock

"Come play, come play"
Your shape and shine say.
"I'm neat, petite - and...
I fit snug in your hand!"

Like the knob of a cane
You invite me again
"Rotate me
Elate me.
Revolve me
Involve me.
Come, rattle and shake me
Go on, you won't break me
A shuffling beat
We'll make music so sweet."

As you make my palm whole
With your silvery knoll
We shake rattle and roll
Shake, rattle and roll.

Lynn Whitehead

Sugar Shaker

- to sweeten those covid blues.
(i.m. Peter Green and
Peter Green’s ‘Fleetwood Mac’)

Shake that sugar shaker,
you need to
shake that sugar shaker,
come on and
shake that sugar shaker,
you have to
shake that sugar shaker,
so go and shake that sugar shaker,
cause everything sours sooner or later.

Phil Barrett